Monday, April 18, 2011

Que me Puse (What I wore) 4/18/11

Here is another Outfit of the day. Today I had to go get some stuff for my house. My husband it's coming back in less than a weeks and I need to get my house ready for him. There is a lot of surprises for him when he gets home. hehehe.

Anyways today was a hot day it was 80 degrees out and I needed to pretty much be out all day doing my last minute shopping to have this house ready for my husband. I wore This black maxi dress that its not long. Its only to the knees. and it's a halter top dress.  This dress it's so comfortable I love it. I wanted to wear my necklace and earrings again, I'm really loving them, hehe but I also wanted to incorporate color into my outfit. So I added this lime green sandals my mom got me last summer and that I'm loving right now. Also I had to add my turquoise ring into the mix. I love the way lime green and turquoise look together reason why I did my makeup those colors. Also on my lips I'm wearing a orange lip gloss from Milani called 42-Stylish it's from their 3D Glitzy Glamour lip gloss collection. Anyways now to the pictures.....

What I wore:
Dress: Ross I bought this dress a while back and I paid $10 for it.
Sandals: Walmart $2 My mom got them for me during the winter so they were on clearance. 
Jewelry: Necklase and earrings won in a give away
Ring: Body Central $2.80
Cardigan: Ross $5
 This pictures were taken after running around all day. I have to say my makeup hold pretty well.

 It got kind of chilly at night so I added this white cardigan with lace detail

Hope you like this post.



Mei Mei said...

I love the outfit especially the green sandals... bello ;-)

Silver Saffire said...

gracias mamita, estaba super comoda pero me sentia bella tambien hehehe

Vintage Makeup said...

The cardi is so cute!

Silver Saffire said...

Thanx I got it at Ross for i think it was like 5 dollars