About Me♥

I'm a girly girl. I enjoy everything that makes me feel pretty and beautiful.I love to go shopping. Make up is one of my addictions. Their is also, purses, Shoes, sunglasses and of course jewelry and accessories. I love to read and I also write little stories and I love doing graphic designs. I'm an out going person and I'm happy with who I am. This is a place where I'm going to write what I'm thinking and show you the make up looks I'll be doing. I'm not a professional in any way I'm just a girl that enjoys makeup.

I'm 27 years old. I'm a mommy of a beautiful baby girl. I'm also an Air Force wife and proud of it. People think they know me but they had no idea of who I really am. I love music it makes me feel good to blast the music while I'm driving. I like writing poems and stories. I'm currently working on a story, writing chapter 6 ::Hitsugaya:: at the moment. I can love, I can hate and both I do with an immense passion. I love being myself, I will tell u think how they are and that's the way it is. I ain't going to lie to you to make you feel good, sorry that ain't me. Any other things you wanna know about me I wrote a blog about it or you can always ask me Besos to all