Friday, January 24, 2014

DIY... Home Decor

Hey Beauties, I hope you guys had an amazing week. For me it was a DIY home decor week. As you guys know I moved to to another state and I thought it was a great time to change some of my homes decor, but hey I'm on a budget and sometimes things can be really expensive.  One of those things was a dresser/credenza for my Family room. We decided to convert the family room into a sort of home movie theater. I loved the idea but looking at things getting the room together would be really expensive. That's when I decided on taking this project.

My husband and I wanted the room to be fun. So for our color palette we decided on Grey, Red and Zebra Print. Ohh Yes he let me throw in a lil bit of my favorite print into this room and that makes me super happy. lol

Anyways we were looking for the credenza in here:Zebra Print Dresser


That's the dresser we were looking at but if you look at the price its way to high. This is my inspiration......

What you will need.

2 cans of spray primer
1 pint of Black paint
1 roll of contact paper
8 clear drawer nobs
1 old dresser.

This was my daughters baby dresser so when we got her her new bedroom set for her Birthday we were going to throw this one out. I decided to recycle it and make this beauty. I will show you photos of before and after now I hope you guys like them.


With the contact paper you are going to wrap the face of the drawers. You can use hot glue on the corners to make sure they dont move.

Prime the dresser. Let it dry for about and hour or so.


Paint the dresser using the black paint. I did 2 coats of it just in case and I let it dry about 45 minutes between coats.


This is when I had the little movie area done. I'm very happy with the results and I even like it more than the original.

Ohh before I forget this lil project was only $22, isnt that awesome! Let me know what you guys think! Do you guys like DIYs?


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

For the Love of Chocolate

Hey Dolls...

Here its a makeup look I did with the Too Face Chocolate bar. I am absolutely inlove with this palette.
It smells so freaking good. Every time I open it its like opening a Nesquik can. I just love it.

I hope you guys like the video.

Monday, January 13, 2014

GO to your kitchen cabinet and let's exfoliate....

Hey dolls...

I know I been gone for a while but this past year was very hectic for me. I moved out of Virginia and now I'm living in Texas. It's definitive a big change but we are adjusting to it. I will try to get back into the swings of things and get back to blogging.

  Anyway I wanted to let you know about this exfoliator I been doing that's its absolutely amazing. This is a DIY so its not gonna because you because you should have this ingredients you have in your kitchen. You only need 2 ingredients. Nutmeg and whole milk. It makes such a difference on your skin. my skin feels so soft and smooth.also it helps with blemishes and any dried skin it will take it off.

You need!

1/2 tbsp of nutmeg
1 tbsp of whole milk.

mix together and exfoliate for about 5 min and then rinse with warm water and pat dry.

 You will fell the difference on your skin right away. I don't use my toner or creams for a couple of hours because my skin just feels amazing.

This its for all skin types its just amazing. it will make your skin glow.

Nutmeg has incredible astringent, antibacterial, and anti inflammatory properties, making it an awesome choice for people with acne-prone skin. Plus, the lactic acid in the milk will act as a very gentle peel for that annoying dead skin that clings to pimples for days.
 Nutmeg is used in tons of treatments for eczema; in addition to its great antibacterial properties, it’s also super nourishing for the skin. So not only are you sloughing off dry, dead skin, you’re nourishing the underlying layers in the process. And the milk, here, will also help with exfoliating–but it also offers fantastic moisturizing properties. If you have super dry skin, you could even use heavy cream in lieu of the milk. (

I hope you guys try this and let me know what you think about it!


Friday, March 1, 2013

February Favorites

Hey Dolls:

Here are my favorite for the month of February. Again I decided to do a video for you guys. All the products are listed bellow. I hope you enjoy it.


Urban Decay Naked Pallete
Elf 32 Neutral Pallete
Mac: Satin Taupe
Mac: Steamy
Wet and Wild: Creme Brulee
Nyx: Dark Brown
Physicians Formula Liquid Liner: Ultra Black
Maybelline Eyestudio Gel Liners


Wet and Wild Highlighter: Reserve your Cabana
Elf completion Perfection
MAC Studio Sculpt Concealor: NC42
MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation: NC42
Too Face Bronzer: Chocolate Soleil
MAC Studio Careblend: Medium Dark
MAC Fix +
Elf Mineral Face Primer
Clean and Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets


Elf Conditioner Lipgloss
MAC Lipglass: Strange Potion
MAC Lipliner: Stripdown
Cover Girl Outlast Lipstain: 402


Revive Makeup Blending Sponge


Review revive makeup blending sponge

Here is a review on one of my favorites right now. The revive makeup blending sponge. I did a video on it so I will not say to much here other than its an amazing product. very inexpensive but it does such a difference on your makeup application. I am truly amaze by this lil sponge I love it. Best thing its only $4.99 at TJMAxx. Go get you some lol

Hope you enjoy this review


A date night

Hey dolls:

I know I been gone forever. I'm hoping to get back in the swing of things again and being able to blog more often.

 Anyway my darlings here is what I wore last Friday. I had a date with my husband. We went to diner and a movie.  He was being so cute, lol we didn’t have plans and he came out of the blue and told me we were having a date (wasn’t that cute) He took me to Olive Garden and then we went to the movies to watch Snitch. If you haven’t seen the movie go watch it. It a really good movie. Plus Dwayne Johnson its freaking sexy. lol

here is what a wore....


Jacket: Wet Seal
Cami: Walmart
Skirt: Ross
Belt: Bare Feet Shoes
Earrings: Gift from my sister Gaby
Dog Tags: gift from my hubby (i dont take them off)
Necklace: Gift from my Mom.
Watch: Walmart

For my makeup I'm wearing my favorite  pigment. Mac Blue Brown pigment.

Hope you are all doing good and I hope you like this outfit.


Monday, December 10, 2012

Floral Edge

Hey dolls I know I been gone for a while and I hope that's done. Its been a crazy couple of months. My daughter started school, my husband had 2 eye surgeries and I been running around after them.

 Anyway this post is about and outfit of the day so let's talk about that. We went on vacation for thanksgiving, and we visited our friends in St. Louis, MO so while we were there we did a million things and one of the them was to go to the zoo. This was last Thursday and it was one of the only days that it wasn't cold so this is what I wore.

What I wore:
Top: Ross
Skirt: Burlington Coat Factory
Leather Jacket: Forever 21
Tights: Burlington Coat Factory
Boots: Bare Feet Shoes

Hope you like it.