Friday, January 7, 2011

Rotating brush holder

I know that a lot of you have probably seen in You Tube the rotating brush holder that a lot of gurus use. If you haven't it's a utensil holder from Pampered Chef. Is a little on the expensive side, I don't have that kind of money to spend on a brush holder. I do love the idea of having all my make up brushes in one place and to be able to divide them by categories. It's easier to do your make up that way. But anyways I wanted to tell you what I found.....

As you all know I got together with Yvette also know as DatCurveyChula on You Tube and we went out shopping. I promise I'll be doing a haul video and post soon. And I found something that works the same way for less money A lot less. I payed 2 dollars for the holder and 2 dollars for the little beads to hold the brushes. I couldn't believe it. I mean it's not meant to hold make up brushes the same way the one from Pampered Chef is for something else and works for brushes. I saw it and I light bull lighted in my head. Chula was looking around the store (5 below) when I spotted this in the organization section. Is square and divided in 4(Pampered Chef is circular and it has 3 tiers)both Pampered Chef's and my little find rotate on a lazy Susan. So anyways both me and Chula decided to pick one and I have to say I love it. I'm using 2 of the fours sections for brushes and the other 2 for face stuff like moisturizer, makeup remover, ect. I'm so happy about this purchase and it so cute. White, pink, and green. The little beats we got them at the dollar tree. I got 2 baggies for dollar a each.

I had a blast with DatCurveyChula and my daughter loves her. I posted a video on my YouTube channel if you guys want to see it.

Anyways I'm going to leave you some pictures of the brush holder. Hope you guys like this post and it gives you some ideas! ^_^


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