Monday, April 18, 2011

Que me puse (What I Wore) 4/10/11

This is and outfit of what I wore last sunday. It was a pretty hot day here in VA so I decided to were a yellow tube dress. I felt like spring. hehehe I'm really into Yellow, lime greens and orange right now also like always my turquoise.

I wore the dress with my brown sandals, my brown and leopard print belt and my Celebrity Inspire necklace that I won on DatCurveyChula's Giveaway. I'm loving this piece right now and you will see it in other posts. Also I have my hair curly, I felt weird because all winter long my hair its straight hehehe this is the first time i had it curly in quite sometime! Anyways on to the pictures....

What I wore:
Dress: Body Central $15
Belt:Body Central $7
Sandals. Payless $10
Jewelry: Necklace and earrings from a give away

 I like the way my eyes look in this picture the look like fire!

Hope you like this post!



Mei Mei said...

I love the necklace it looks so good. Also I love how you know how to complement your body with your clothes. Great outfit ;-)

Silver Saffire said...

gracias mamita It means a lot to me!