Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Friends on the other side.

Ok next on the Disney series its The Princess and The Frog.  Go to Mei Mei's Blog for her tutorial.

I did Dr.Facilier. I know he is the Villain but he is so colorful I had to pick him!

AGAIN SORRY ABOUT MY BROWS. My husband read yesterday post and made fun of them lol.

Another thing I forgot to take one 2 pictures oops. But I use the 120 palette from ebay, sorry about the first pictures too My lighting wasn't cooperating. I'm at my mother's house so I'm trying to find the right lighting.
First I primed my eye with UDPP and then use NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencil in milk
Then from the 120 palette I grab a bright pink. I know its fuchsia but when u blend it looks good lol.
Here its where I miss the 2 pictures I'm sorry but what I did is I grab a purple a little bit on the lighter side and put it on the rest of my lid. Then I grabbed a deep purple and put that on my crease. I blended it up close to my brow bone. I added Black to my crease to deepened it up. Then I blended both the purple and black very good so i wouldn't have a harsh line of black.

I added the white to my brow bone and blended it down towards the purple. Then I added naked from the UD naked palette as my transition color and virgin to the arch of my brow.

I added NYC liquid liner and lo'real mascara.

I added UD zero to my water line and the crease purple to my lower lash. also I use black on the outer corner. On my tear duck I put a lighter pink.

I hope you like it!


Mei Mei said...

Oh I love it... soo pretty and purple!

Silver Saffire said...

Thanx mama!!!!

Flor de Maria Fashion said...

WOW, i love the final product... I wish I could do my eyes like that! You look gorgeous :)


Jennyfer said...

Cute!!!! you're awsome!!! .... Visit my blog!!! kisses!

Silver Saffire said...

thanx!! I will!