Wednesday, March 9, 2011

February Favorites!!!♥

Im going to try to get one of this up every month. I think it will be fun to know what we are liking every month because we all have different favorites right? So anyone who would like to do this with me leave me your post url so I can go check it out. I watch a lot of you tube videos and i think that one of my favorite videos to watch are definitive favorite videos, so I will be fun to read about your favorite too.


Urban Decay naked palette. I seriously love this palette. I been using it none stop since I got it. I'm thinking of getting a back up just in case.
NYC liquid liner. I'm really into liquid liner right now for some reason and I have to say I'm loving it.
Lo'real Extra Volume Collagen Mascara. Definitive loving this. My friend Jazii recommended this mascara to me, and I have to say it's one of the best mascara I have ever try, and for some reason it's making my lashes grow so I love it!
Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero. love this for my water line and to tight line my eyes. Its waterproof so it stays all day! Love it!!!


I'm still loving my Maybelline's Dream Smooth Mousse Foundation. Its been almost a year and I still adore this foundation. It gives me good coverage and I doesn't look cakey, It always looks flawless! Love it
Hard Candy Glamflauge. I do love the coverage this concealer gives my under eye. The only problem I have with this is that it needs to be set with a powder if not it moves everywhere.
Elf Complexion Perfection. OMG I love this the different color  powders are amazing. The control redness, and even out my skin tone. I can't live with out this.
Blush: Nars Orgasm. I love the peachy color and the shimmer that it gives me!!
Bronzer: Wet N Wild.742A Goodess Deesse. love this to contour my face it just perfect!


MAC: Up The Amp Lip Stick. I'm inlove with purple lipsticks! and this one its perfect!
NYX Lip Liner: I just love this lip liners in every color They are smooth and just amazing!!!
NYX Lip Glosses. They are amazing quality lip glosses. They are just awesome and you get a lot of product. They are not sticky and they smell amazin! By far my favorite lip glosses.
MAC. Viva Glam Gagas. I love both Gaga lip sticks. They are both very different but I just adore them. They don't dry out my lips and anyone can use them cuz they look good in every skin color!
Nars Lip gloss: Turkish Delight. I love this lip gloss, I'm not a fan of the smell but i definitive looks very pretty Plus its a present form my amazin husband so I love it more.
Eos Lip balms. LOVE EM!!!! THEY ARE AMAZING. hehehe. I have to say they are my all time favorite lip balm. They are so moisturizing and they leave my lips feeling so nice and smooth! Love em!

Elf Brushes. I love this brushes, they are soft and make my job a lot easier when I'm applying my makeup.
Mac 217. This is a present from my hubby and I love it for that but also because it blends the shadow so easily. LOVE
Revlon Eyelash Curler. I had this for years and I still love the way it curs my lashes and helps open my eyes!
Amika Flat Iron: During the winter I keep my hair straight so two xmas ago my husband got me a really nice flat iron that makes my crazy curly hair, Japanese straight! Love it

Shoes: Blue Pumps. OMG this have been definitive my favorite shoes. I been wearing them none stop.
Cardigans. I finally gave in and got my self some and I absolutelly love them.
Dresses. I am loving mini dresses. I just love the way they look on me cuz of my long legs lol
Skinny Jeans: I love the way the hug my curves.

Mei Mei Beauty Blog. I love the way she is. Her makeup its always amazing and she is always full of new ideas.
Makeuplocalypse. Mariele is awesome I love her style, in  makeup and fashion. She is so full of life, I also love her makeup tutorials in you tube. I just love her.
Simply Hope. Omg this 15 year old its amazin!!!! I adore her style. Her style its so different from everything I seen. She mixes boho and edgy I love it. She reminds me of Aria from Pretty Little Liars.

TV Shows:

Pretty Little Liars. Love it, I wanna know who A is so bad AHHH
Vampire Diaries. OHHH DAMON hahaha he is so cute! I love Vampires so you know I love this show. I record it.

So here its my long list of Favorites. I hope you guys try doing this with me! hehehe ohh and before I forget I have 2 Favorite People Roque and Ketzia! Love you babies!



Roque said...

Yo te amo tambien mi vida :)... buenas noches muahxxx

Silver Saffire said...

hehehe Love you too! ^_^ Muahxxx

Mei Mei said...

Awww... your so sweet! I also love the naked palette!

Silver Saffire said...

^_^ I think this is a good way to know and learn about new products