Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Small Haul...

So Monday I was feeling a little down in the dumps. I been feeling a little depress this past couple of days so when my husband wrote to me and told I told him he said what do you need? You want to go shopping? He knows me so well. He knows that shopping always cheers me up. Next thing I Know I was in my car with my daughter on my way to the outlets. They have a Cosmetic Company Store there which means high end makeup like MAC, Clinique, Estee Lauder, Bobby Brown for really discounted prices, which I love.

So when I got there I went straight to the MAC section because I been wanting to try their shadows. I have some pigments from them but no shadows. So the one that caught my eye was humid. This shadow its from the to the beach collection. It caught my eye because when I saw it I remember something that my husband told me a while back. He told me that he love the way green shadow look on me because of a look that I did for the blog. So you know I had to pick it up. Plus it is definitive something I didn't have anything like it.

This green has a Gold undertone and that's what I love the most about it. Here is a swatch.

Isn't it pretty ^_^

Then I also picked up a pigment I saw at the MAC counter at my local macy's During the holidays. Teal Its a pretty color and I love it the first time I seen it but I didnt have the 20 dollars to pay for it then. Plus I got it a lot cheaper at the CCS. Half the price ain't bad hehe.

Another Pretty color I absolute love this shade. Turquoise blue it's my favorite color so I love this pigment.

Here its a side by side of both colors They are absolutely gorgeous

I also pick up a lipglass. Its called feeling dreamy from the dec 2009 Warm and Cozy collection. I have tho say this lipglass caught my eye because its a really light nude with fine pink glitter. Yes pink glitter and I'm a sucker for glitter. Here are some pictures of it.

In this next picture you can see a little bit of the glitter.

So there you go mi little mini make up haul all thanx to my wonderful & thoughtful husband.

Hope you guys like this little post. Thanx for your comments and support I appreciate it. Also I live you here a preview of the next post using the products I got. Yes I couldn't wait.

What do you guys think? I was feeling like summer after buying this goodies.

Also I have another post lined up for " how to do the blue" and another " Que Me puse" ( what I wore) that day to go over to the outlets it was 70 degrees in Virginia. but things didn't stay that way for long :(

Have a great day


Mei Mei said...

I'm the same doll... shopping is such retail therapy... he he!

Silver Saffire said...

Yes it is. It made me feel a lot better Thats for sure

Anonymous said...

i love the colors you have here. Makes me want to shop for makeup.

Silver Saffire said...

Thanx girl> I saw this and felt inlove with them so I had to get im. Plus they look gorgeous together. Thanx for your comment ^_^

Roque said...

I'm so wonderful and thoughtful... i like the last picture the best :P

Silver Saffire said...

Aww sweety that you are. Thanx for the complement love