Thursday, February 17, 2011

Que Me puse (What I wore) Valentine's Day

I have seen this in other blogs and I think its a good idea. It's one of my favorite section on blogs so I decided to start my own "Que Me Puse" (What I wore) Hope you guys like it and it helps you see what my style its like.  Im going to try to do this regularly as part of my blog because I really like the idea. Let me know what you guys think.

 This is what I wore On Valentine's day. It has been just the 2 of us for almost 4 months now. Its been hard to deal with it but we are doing pretty good. We decided to go celebrate by ourselves because being at home wasn't going to make the missing Rocky any better. So we got Dress and when had dinner. It was fun my daughter always makes me laugh with the things she does. She is the one making the pain of not having my husband home for this special days bearable. So we went had dinner then came home and watched a movie. We had our special mommy and daughter "dated" lol. But anyways here are some pictures of what I wore on this occasion.

Hope you guys like this post. Please leave me some feedback of what you guys think

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Mei Mei said...

WOW girl you can really rock it!! Love this!