Monday, February 21, 2011

How to do the blue! Part 2

This is the second part to the how to do the blue post Im doing for my fellow blogger Mei Mei but it's also a special post because is my 50th blog post. Yay!!! so anyways this post its going to show another way to wear blue shoes.

I might be doing another post later on because I need to get a picture with jeans I just keep forgetting to take a picture.

Ok so this outfit that I'm wearing was for a dinner date with my husband before he left on his deployment. Its a simple look and comfortable even though you  are wearing heels. For this I'm wearing a plaid tunic really comfortable because its flowy and comfortable. I wore under it a black camy and to break the plaid a little I added this belt which is my favorite. Its girly with the bows and lace but edgy with the chains. Then to keep with the comfortable I added a pair of long black leggings.  This pair i love not only because they are comfortable but because of the detail at the bottom of them. The have a corset like tying and 3 rhinestones on the sides,. Of course last but not least my fabulous blue shoes. with this outfit I when with the open toe sandal and I just love the way it plays with the outfit. Also I'm wearing my military style jacket because it was a chilly nice but it works wonderfully with this outfit. For my accessories Im wearing  everything with pewter base. The necklace has some pearls and king of a vintage look to it the same with the dangley earrings I'm wearing.  Comfortable but cute and classy.

All this that I'm wearing its very affordable because we can look pretty and look good without spending to much money in clothe and shoes. Believe me!  ^_^

Hope you enjoy this and Thanx for reading my blog!


Mei Mei said...

I love your outfits... your inspiring me to be more bold! Rocking it like a true DIVA!!! Me encanta chula!

Silver Saffire said...

Gracias mamita. I think color it's fun specially on gloomy days it brings your spirit up. Just play with color it's fun to put combinations together.