Monday, February 21, 2011

Guest Fashion Out to the club.

It's time for another Guest Fashion with Mizz Jazii. She is going to be doing this Outfits for you guys. Like I said on the last post I posted of her, she lives in Japan and her styles shows a little bit of what she's seeing over there. She always puts her twist on it. I have always love her style so that's the reason I'm having her do this Fashion post and tips for you guys. Anyways on with the post.

Feb 20th was our event and I wore a two-toned ensemble. My top was just a pink noodle strap shirt under a cropped to the waist, thin, black, leather jacket. The jacket I left open to let the pop of color be more obvious. The skirt was tiered and frilly. It was a high waist styled bottom and it was paired up with a wide black belt. My jewelry was ranged because I love to have a mixed array of it. 1 pop of color was on one arm. The necklace was long and thin. I didn't want it to over power anything so I made sure it was thin and cute. My earrings always have to be gaudy and very visible so the sparkles can be seen across the club. That and my bangles popped the most. My shoes were cute small pumps and had adorable silk bows on them. It added an element of adorableness, weren't too high, but still completed the look. My clutch was just to hold my cell and my touch up make-up. My hair I did myself and I did wonderfully full, Kim Kardashian, shiny curls. My fav. I felt great going out and I was commented a lot on my look. I was called a Latin barbie -_- not that I claim that but the point is others enjoyed my ensemble. Any questions, comments, ect.... Message me!

Here she also did a video for you guys I hope this its helpful for you.

Hope you guys like this small fashion post from my friend y Comadre Jazii
Have a wonderful Day!

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