Thursday, February 10, 2011

Guest Fashion Cute and Comfy

This post It going to be a guest fashion post. What I mean by that is that I ask one of my amazing friends to do a fashion post as for an outfit for a date night. She lives in Japan and she is a fellow blogger. Her blog it's not really a beauty blog but she is a fashionista none the less. She it's doing it big in Okinawa, Japan, she host events for INDAHOUSE. So props to my Comadre Jazii

I hope you enjoy this post!

Cute and Comfy

This look was put together very simply. Leggings go with a variety of things. Especially a shirt that is over sized. A belt always gives the shirt a bit of your shape. The top hangs off the shoulder and exposes a bra strap. The bra strap, in some cases, makes people feel a bit uncomfortable. Some may think its a bit too much. But recently there has been huge wave of looks that incorporate bra straps exposed. In this look the bra strap adds edge along with the metal belt. Both elements makes the look come together. I originally had "over the knee" boots with this look. However I was in a Japanese friend's house and Japanese culture has a "no shoes in the house" rule so I respected it. This look could easily be used for the club if it were put with gray/black pumps. The look could be easily dressed down for a more casual look with adorable flats. This look is also seasonally versatile. A thin top and flip flops work for summer. A thicker top and leggings with boots goes well for winter. Usually, with tops that are over sized, the type of jewelry that would look well is: longer necklaces, a few bangles, and any pair of earrings. My rule of thumb is that if you wear your hair down then bigger earrings are better and more visible. if you are wearing your hair up and out of your face then smaller, cute, more delicate studs would be best. Overall this look gives you a lot of room to play with color, comfort, and accessories.

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