Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Business Lady

So yesterday I had my Mary Kay meeting but this time we where having a ceremony to congratulate the girls that made this quarter  star quarters. Also girls that made Directors and Red Jackets. It was a really fun night but also very educational. The directors gave us tips of how to sell and be confident with ourself and our work. Anyways this is what I wore to yesterday.

What I Wore:
Blazer: BX= $30.00
Red Halter: Charlotte Russe= $7.00
Black Skirt: Thrift Store=$1.50
Belt: Bare Feet Shoes= $4.00
Knee highs: Walmart= $5.00
Booties: Bakers=$20.00

My daughter wanted to be in the picture.

Hope you like this short post!



Mei Mei said...

Love them boots! You make business look sexy... great look mama!

Silver Saffire said...

thanx Doll

D.Sadie said...

Great outfit! You daughter is so cute. =)


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Silver Saffire said...


Mh8 said...

red looks so good on you girlie! gourgeous

Christine Iversen said...

You look beautiful ^_^

Love Christine ♥

Silver Saffire said...

Thanx Dolls