Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My makeup collection.

So I decided to finally show you guys my makeup setting and collection.

Eye Brushes

Face Brushes

Moisterizers, cream highlights and bronzers

Wet and Wild 8 pan palettes, Profusion glamour palette extras.

My EOS, foundation, concealers, gel liners,primers.

Lip liners, MAC lipsticks.

My Palettes.

Wet and Wild 6 palettes and Trios and some random quads.

Eye Liners, Mascaras.


Single Eyeshadows

Single Shadows and doubles.

Lip Glosses

Lip Tarts

Lip Sticks and lashes extra powders.

My MAC pigments, and Jesse's Girl, Brush cleaner and Primer.

Hope you like my collection 



Tere said...

wow! amazing post, i really love your glosses, i think they are really useful!
have a nice day!


Silver Saffire said...

Thank you so much ^_^

Mei Mei said...

Wow now I don't feel bad you have a lot too. I love the rainbow of EOS so cute! ;-) Great collection.. please do a review on those duos from NYC. Thanks doll ;-)

Silver Saffire said...

si por eso me anime ha poner este post por que vi que tu tambien eres una junkie de makeup lol como yo. I love my huevos hehehehe and I will do areview on the nyc soon I wanna try the other 2 first I can tell you right now that I love the blue ones. they are really pigmented and the 2 colors are gorgeous