Monday, May 23, 2011

Haul Time

This is going to be a small haul post. I have to show to you this goodies because they are awesome and really inexpensive.

First its this awesome hat. It was 6 dollars at Ross and I love it. I been wanting one forever and  Flor de Maria has made me like them more

You see gorgeous!

Zebra Print Sunglasses.Love! got this at Rainbows they were 2 for 10 so my friend Christie got leopard ones

Also from Rainbow I got this belts 2 for 10

From Ross I got this Palette for 5 Dollars and I adore the colors on this!

I been needing a Kabuki Brush because the one I have it's too little for what I want to use it for which is to set my foundation with powder. I got this one at Walmart for under 5 dollars. It's super soft and I love it!

Last thing are these caged heels, the day I got the pink dress. They are gorgeous I got them at Burlington Coat Factory for $2.00. They are really comfortable and super cute!

Anyways I hope this gives you some ideas. And I hope you find great deals too.



Angel Garcia said...

$6.00?? Nice! That is an amazing deal for a hat or for anything.. I too am having a big love for hats at the moment..\

All the best, Angel

Silver Saffire said...

Thank you. I know I just love them

Mei Mei said...

Great Haul doll!

Silver Saffire said...

Thanx Mamita Glad You are back!