Saturday, April 9, 2011

Yay my blog won an award!!!!

I'm super excited about this. This are my first awards so I am really happy about it! This award was given to me by Mei Mei from

Thank you so much girl it means so much to me that you though of me!!! Thank you!

The rules for the award are that if you Accept the award:

1.Thank the person who gave you the award
2. Tell us 7 things about yourself

3. Award 15 other Bloggers

4.Contact these Bloggers and let them know u have nominated them for an award

7 things about myself

 * I love nutella!!! Its my favorite! just give me a jar and a spoon and I'm happy! jejeje

 *Im a book worm, I love to read specially vampire books. I'm so hooked! House of night, Vampire Diaries, Thirst, Vampire Academy, Night World! They are all amazing series!

 *I am really tall for a girl but i love my height and embrace it.

 * Shoes are one of my many addictions, purses, sunglasses and jewelry are the others and ofcouse makeup!

*I love to cook but I don't follow recipes. and I can cook puertorican. mexican, italian and japanese (hibashi and suchi) and I have never follow a recipe i learn by watching and asking lol

 *I was really obcess with farmville I had it o my facebook, computer and i phone I would spend way to much time playing in my farm. ( had to close my farm it was too addicting)

 * I love to write. From verses to poems to stories, I just love to let my mind and imagination run free. It relaxes me and it just awesome!

People I award this to!!!!

Thank you all for reading my blog!I appreciate all off your support it means a lot to me!!!



so what do i win??? LOL!

Vintage Makeup said...


How tall are you? :)

Silver Saffire said...

hahaha denise payasa!

Silver Saffire said...

@vintage makeup 6'3" without shoes! so I'm a lil giant hehehe but I'm happy that way

mohate said...

Thanks mama! you and mei mei gave me this award its my first one too!:) I <3 my blogger/twitter fam

Silver Saffire said...

no problem maita te lo mereces! ^_^