Monday, April 11, 2011

Is this the Court of Miracles?

I did two looks I look kind of funny with 2 different looks but I needed to catch up. So Next its The Hunchback of Notre Dame I decided to do Quasimodo. I like this look green and brown look gorgeous together! Check out MeiMei's Look she did Esmeralda

My inspiration!

Products I used:

Wet and Wild:comfort zone = From the right side of the palette the first 3
Urban Decay: buck and naked
Urban decay Liner: Whisky
Physicians formula gel liner for green eyes: black
Loreal Mascara

My look...


Hope you like this look I know its a lil more muted down but I love it!



Vintage Makeup said...

ooh great look!

I have the WnW palette you used, love the colours.

Mei Mei said...

Very nice! Looks great for a more natural look ;-)

Silver Saffire said...

Thanx Dollz! i absolutely love this look

Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

I have a green and brown palette from wet n wild's trio which came out several years ago. This look reminds me of it. Love it. very pretty and brown never fails. Gorgeous!

Silver Saffire said...

Thank you so much this look I love because it's so simple but at the same time it's glam


I love this look very nice to wear with brown colors! or green and btw I finally got me that palatte comfort zone and I got good jeans! lol..
so I am off now to do my looks I got catching up too do as well!

Silver Saffire said...

nice I have some catching to do too girl!!!