Saturday, March 26, 2011

"Que me Puse" What I wore 3/25/11 liquid leggings plzzz!

Yesterday I when out with my little sister Gaby to the Green Dragon, its a kind of flea market they have every friday near where my family lives. It was a really cold day so I'm wearing boots also because I was planing on walking a lot no heels this time. My sister and I when over to the green dragon with our daughter and I have to say I did have fun. We didnt buy much haha. We actually only bought one thing and it had nothing to do with fashion or makeup. It was a solar power flower that moves. We got them for our daughters. The flowers are too cute.

Also we ate over at one of the stands. I had a foot long hot dog with everything and OMG best hot dog ever! It was delicious.

Anyways here are some pictures of my outfit. Hope you like it!

What I wore:
Top: Gift from my sister. she got it at walmart.
Leggings: Walmart Miley Cyrus collection
Belt: Bare Feet Shoes
Boots: Payless . I got this 3 years ago

I just wore Mac pigment in Naked, Wing eyeliner, Mascara  and for my lips I used NYX lipliner in BLOOM, Mac lipstick in SOMETHING NEW, and Hip liquid color in 660 Euphoric.

Hope you like this post!



Vintage Makeup said...

The flower is so cute!

Silver Saffire said...

i know its really adorable and when the sun hits it the leaves move up and down and the flower side to side

Mei Mei said...

Beautiful... I miss wearing boots... it's already warm now in Florida. ;-)

Silver Saffire said...

Gracias felt like my clothe for this outfit was all different styles but I still think the work together very well.