Saturday, February 26, 2011

Silver & Black Lace♥

This post it's going to be short. It's about a little find I got from Ross. I been wanting a clutch with lace. I always thought they were elegant and sexy. Couple of weeks ago I was looking tru the Internet for a lace clutch and all the cute ones were over 80 dollars. Yes I love them and all but I will not spend 80+ dollars for a small clutch. So I left it at that. I have to admit I was sad about it. So I went to Ross couple of days later. I went to take my friend Christie and as I was looking around I saw it and Omg I was so I felt in love .lol  The cutest silver and black lace clutch. The best thing it's that it was only 3 dollars. Haha I picked it up and brought it home with me. It's so pretty and elegant. I just love it. If you have a Ross near go over there and check around.  You will always find good deals at Ross.

So anyways here are some pictures.

Isn't it gorgeous?
The lace it's elegant and the detail its so pretty.

I hope you like this small post. Its a little bit about fashion/ haul. You can use this with a LBD and Black pumps. or Silver pumps.  Or You can wear it with a Red dress with black pumps. What do you guys think?



Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

so lovely. x hivennn

Silver Saffire said...

Thank you ^_^

Roque said...

Oh geez, a post sobre purseras... where is this mundo going to now?

Silver Saffire said...


Roque said...

pursera/cartera/cosas de mujeres/ es to lo mismo

Silver Saffire said...

hahahaha I know