Sunday, February 6, 2011

Blue Love!

As you all know in previous post I have talked about my obsession with blue shoes. I just adore them. Plus the look very nice on my skin color.  I Love high heels they make me feel pretty and sexy so blue high heels OMG it's heaven. People think that because I'm tall I shouldn't were high heels. Well sorry I like my height, I embrace it and I love it. I'm proud to be tall and  I like wearing heels. Plus having long legs has it advantage. I think long legs look prettier in a mini skirt than short legs. No offense to my short Dolls its just how I think, it's my opinion.

So anyways as I was fixing my closet today. (Early spring cleaning) I realized that I'm starting a mini collection of blue shoes. I have four pairs. From Turquoise blue to Navy blue and I love it. Im gonna leave you with a 2 photos of my babies lol. One with Flash and the other without it so you can see the different blues.

Yeah I love high heels and Blue are heaven. I Read this in a blog and I think its a good saying.
Problems can Be Big But Heels Must Be Bigger!   I love this! It should be every Girl motto. I hope you guys enjoy this little random post I'm just loving High heels.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Go Green Bay!!!
Blue Besos!


Mei Mei said...

wow please do an outfit with your shoes. I would love to see how you rock theses! I'm so boring with my shoes... always the basic colors. ;-)

Silver Saffire said...

I will I'm thinking about doing a couple of outfits ideas for valentines day. I just got a black shorts jumper that I think would look amazing with a pair of blue shoes. I'll be posting the outfit in this coming days.