Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fragrant Bath Fizzy

This is a review for Body Image Body Benefits Fragrant Bath Fizzy. This is a fizzy ball that you put on your bath water. It's a fizzy ball.The one I tried the wild raspberry and I have to day I love it. It's smells amazing and it's extremely relaxing. It can be found at food lion, that's the only place I seen them. When dropped in the water right away it's stars fizzing. I love the sound it makes, also i love that as soon as u dropped it in the water the smells hits you. I love the fruity with a little hint of flowers smell that this fizzy has. It's just so relaxing. Plus I love the fact that it turns the water pink. Lol I know I'm so Girly. Over all I love this ball fizzy. I hope that this was helpful if you are looking for something to put in your bath when you want to relax.


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