Monday, December 20, 2010

Night with my girls!

I haven't been out in forever. Soon saturday my cousin asked me to go hang out with her. I got dress up as I was getting finally out of the house and I been in sweats for a couple of days (its too cold for jeans lol). so I deciaded to wear some skinny jeans and a black top, with a blue belt and my beloved blue shoes. I didnt take photos which now I'm frustrated because I dont have a picture to show you. For make-up I did a neutral eye with my Urban Decay Naked palette. and for lips I did my addiction Purple lips. Same ones I did my last post I just love that lip combination.

My cousin and I decided to go to Ruby Tuesdays and after that we went to our friend Jazmine's house. I had a blast just catching up with them I haven't seen them in years. We watched mean girls and just talked about what has happen to us in this years we haven't seen each other. it was just an amazin night. One that I needed.


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