Wednesday, November 17, 2010


So today I went out with my sister to have lunch at I hop and it was delicious lol so then we went down to the nail salon to get my nails done. I love the nail salon I go to they are inexpensive and they do a really good job. So I decided that I wanted something cute but with fall colors. I seen that navy blue has been really popular this season so I decided that was the one. I'm using OPI nail polish in yoga-ta get this blue. Is such a pretty color plus is my husband favorite color. So I decided I wanted a little bit of me and I got a pretty design with turquoise which is my favorite color. Here is a pic. Also this is my favorite perfume right now. Its smells amazing! I don't know how yo describe the scent but it's good. Plus it's name come on it's soooooo me!
I hope you guys like this little blog


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