Thursday, December 15, 2011


 Hey Dolls its been a while since I updated I been really busy with the move and the holidays. I am so sorry I been wanting to update for a while but had seem impossible with the move. I hate moving for sure I don't wanna move anymore ever. Hehe.

Well I'm going to leave you some photos of the Air Force Xmas party and some of my friend. I did her hair an makeup for her's. I hope you enjoy them. I also going to try to make a makeup look for you guys. A makeup look for the holidays and new years.

 Hair and makeup done by me!

I hope you like photos and I'll be making a holiday look soon!

Besitos Dolls



Mh8 said...

yay a new post. Beautiful family :) xoxo

Silver Saffire said...

Im sorry I been gone for so long