Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Guest Post by Jackie Clark!

 About a week ago I received an Email from a girl with a very interesting topic and that was fashion for survivors of cancer. This was really something that hit home because I have family members that are survivors. So I accepted and she did this post for me and you to read. Also we are planing on having some outfits of the day from her for this topic.
The OOTD will start at the beginning of the year so keep your eyes peel for them hehe. I hope you guys enjoy this post and that you find it interesting. Also if you know anyone that its going through being sick or is a surviving cancer give them all your support and always make them feel beautiful because they truly are.

Fashion for Beauty
By: Jackie Clark

Feeling helpless after a cancer diagnosis can make anybody feel helpless and weak. Talking about phrases such as "mesothelioma" and "survival rates" can be confusing and heady to a woman who has just been told she has cancer. Many women give in to this depression and fail to survival their disease. Don't let this happen to you. Stay happy and beautiful after your diagnosis and during your treatment. It's vital to helping you get over the disease.

In fact, fashion and staying beautiful may just be one of the best ways to get over your cancer-based depression. There is nothing like looking great and showing off your natural beauty. This will be doubly or even more true after you have cancer. Staying beautiful and fashionable in the face of cancer helps show off your inner strength and your willingness and desire to beat your disease and get better.

Look through your wardrobe to find fashionable clothes you want to integrate into a set of new outfits. Don't be afraid to pull out clothes you haven't worn in awhile. If you are worried that your wardrobe is behind the times in fashion, it may be time to buy a fashion magazine and check out the latest trends. Take this magazine to the store with you and find some fashionable clothes that look great on you.

Center your search on finding complete outfits. The outfits can vary in the types of clothes used, depending on your personal tastes. For example, you may want to integrate hats with each new outfit or may prefer having no hat. Don't forget to integrate pieces of clothing such as great new shoes, skirts and shirts. Take your clothes home and arrange them in your closet according to the outfit style.

Make sure to include great makeup, such as cover up, eyeliner and lipstick. Buy different pieces of makeup for each different outfit. Try to coordinate the outfit and your makeup based on color and style. This will help create a beautiful fashion and look that highlights your natural beauty in ways that help show off you aren't letting cancer bring you down or taking over your life.

Don't forget your accessories! Bring out your earrings, your bracelets, the necklaces, the scraves, gloves and purses. Again, try to create a unique and personalized look with each of the outfits

Each of your outfit should say something different about who you are as a person. Each should also say "I am beautiful and I won't let cancer destroy that." Keep true to who you are and what you represent as a person in each of your outfits. Your fashion and your strength can help you defeat cancer.


Alina said...

Great post!

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Thanx @alina Im so happy you like it!