Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Que Me Puse? (What I wore?) Polka Dots???

Yesterday night I had a Mary Kay meeting. As you know I have to dress with a skirt for my meetings, but I didn't know what to wear. I went to TJ Maxx in the afternoon and saw this shirt on the clearance section and the truth is that I felt in love with it the moment I saw it.

I been feeling a little home sick lately because my mom is been very sick and I live so far away that I can't make the trip to often. Also this month is my grandmothers birthday and also her death anniversary so that has made me sad. The reason why I say this and the reason why I bought the shirt is because it reminded me of both of them. I know it mind sound weird but it is the truth.
It reminded me of my grandma because she love dresses with polka dots (lol she was very fashionable) and of my mother because the neck line of the shirt is crochet and my mother loves to crochet.

Anyway here are some pictures and I'm sorry is king of picture heavy.

What I Wore:
Top: TJ Maxx
Skirt: Burlinton Coat Factory
Shoes: Bare Feet Shoes

For my makeup I decided to wear a gray and brown eye with winged eye liner and nude lips. For blush I went with a peachy satin blush.


 What do you Dolls think? Did you like the outfit? What would you change from it?



Mei Mei said...

Bella... love the shirt and pumps!

Mh8 said...

gorgeous! your makeup and brows are on point!:)

Silver Saffire said...

Thanks Dolls