Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Que me Puse? ( What I wore?) Blue Glam!

So this past Saturday I when out to the club. I wanted to wear my heel condoms... I had an outfit pick for this but when I when to put the heel condoms on my shoes I realized that my pumps where left back in Puerto Rico. { I wanna cry :'(}So anyways I change my accessories and made the lil black dress work hehehe. I paired it with my favorite belt (RIP) and blue heels, to give the outfit a bit of color.

What I wore?

Lil black Dress: Body Central
Belt:Barefeetshoes (rip)
Shoes: Bakers
Jewelry: Puerto Rico

 For my makeup I used the one seen here!

Then when I was putting gas on my car my belt got caught on the pump and broke. I almost cried because it was my favorite. Now once again on the hunt for a blue belt.
Anyways I hope you like this post.


Mei Mei said...

very cute ♥

Silver Saffire said...

thanx doll!

Ms.Shay said...


Silver Saffire said...

thanx girl!

Karina said...

Que linda! el azul queda genial con el negro, me encantan tus sandalias, son preciosas!!!!

Besitos guapa,


Silver Saffire said...

gracias Mu~eca la verdad es que esta combinacion me facina por eso estoy tan triste que mi correa se rompio! :(


dang did u get ur pumps shipped back home??? thats sux and hope you can find the blue belt. yea love the brown smokey look :)

Silver Saffire said...

No they are en casa de los abuelos de mi esposo so Ill have to wait till i go back to PR