Sunday, August 14, 2011

If I can dress up, Why can't my shoes?

There has been a lot of hype about this for a while on the internet. The truth is that I been wanting them for a while. So when I went to Puerto Rico last month I had to get some myself.

What am I talking about Heel Condoms. Yes Heel Condoms. Is a crazy idea that a girl named Sandrysabel Ortiz, she loves her shoes but couldn't take all of them with her while doing her internship came up with. So she though "if we can dress up, why can't our shoes?" and that's when heel condoms came to.

I have to say I absolutely love her idea. Wearing the heel condoms changes the look of your shoes.

Here are some pics of the pairs I got!



Don't you love it!



I love the way it just changes my shoes in an instant. They  are so easy to put on it takes less than a minute. also you can use it in a lot of heel sizes which is amazing. There's so many heel condoms in her webstore, and all of them fabulous (I want them all but hubby said no)

This is a way to change your shoes without having to spend a lot of money because one pair of heel condoms can change the look of all your shoes. hehehe.

Anyways I hope you like this mini review I really do recommend this they are too amazing to pass up!

Also Im very excited about this post because is my 150th yay!


Karina said...

Great idea!!! Beautiful shoes!!!


Mei Mei said...

That is so cute... ;-)

Silver Saffire said...

Thanx dolls!

Mh8 said...

Thats a clever idea! Ive never heard if it before. I need more heels in my life to try this. :) Im just not confident enough to wear them:/

Silver Saffire said...

Girl just by deciding you will wear them it makes you confident so give it a try!