Friday, July 22, 2011


Hey everyone sorry for the lack of post. I'm still on vacation in Puerto Rico and I been enjoying my time with my family and my husband family. I been doing a lot of running around because my husband's family lives in the north of the island and mine on the south west of it. I'm going back home in a week so I will be more active on here. I miss blogging and being able to read my favorite blogs everyday. I haven't had Internet access anywhere. I have taken tons of pictures so expect a blog post with pictures from the vacation. I promise I will be doing some post as soon as I get home. Just one more week please bear with me.

I hope you guys are enjoying your summer!

I leave you some pictures here I hope you like them. And thank you all for support me by reading my blog! 



Mei Mei said...

Beautiful pics doll... glad your having fun!

Silver Saffire said...

Thanx girly i have tons more on my camera I need Internet lol

Mh8 said...

it looks like you have been having an awesome time ive been following your pics on instagram. PR is a place I definitely want to visit after seeing your pics. Stay safe and have fun mama!:)

Silver Saffire said...

awww thanx mama. It was definitive fun and I wanted my vacation to be longer. We didnt get o visit the whole island but we definitive went to some gorgeous places. Next vacation we are finishing the east side of the island.