Thursday, July 7, 2011

Body Scrub!

A couple of days ago Elle from All That Glitters in you tube posted a video about body scrubs. She did the one for sensitive skin in the video. She used stuff she already had in her kitchen. I thought this idea was awesome because I been wanting to do some kind of exfoliation for a while but didn't want to spend to much money on a body scrub. So I decided to give a try. She also posted other recipes in her website. I couldn't do the one she did in her video but I used another one of her recipes. The Coffee Scrub. I have to say I absolutely love the way my skin feels right now. It's soft and silky it feels amazing.

Anyways you can check the other recipes here.

And here it's the coffee scrub recipe.
2 cups of coffee
1/2 sugar
3 table spoons of virgin olive oil

Mix all the ingredients always put the oil last. get in the shower and scrub with this mix. You have to do small circles focus on the drier parts like elbows, knees and feet.

After doing this just rinse the coffee off. After that get your loofah and soap and shower like you would normaly do. You will see when you rinse that you still had a tint of the coffee in your body hehe.

When you get out of the shower moisturize with a body butter because your skin its going to need some hydration back.

And that's all your skin its gonna look and feel amazing. Also the smell of the coffee will wake you up hehehe.

Anyways I hope you guys also try this recipe like I did because I love it and I'm going to continue using it.  Also I just read that this will help diminish  the appearance of cellulite here.

Let me know if you try this or any of the other recipes she has in her blog.

Hope you like this post.


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