Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A lil about Runnie

Well I'm just writing this first cuz I'm bored and second cuz I want my friends to know what I like.

Well I Love my Daughter with all my heart she is my life and I wouldn't be able to live without her. I been married for the past 4 1/2 years and they have been the happiest of my life, yes there is struggle and fights what marriage doesn't have them? Can U tell me of one? No, Right? We try to work on it everyday, it might not be the easiest but we try, and success on it.

My Mother is my best friend. I love my family they are my life!

My husband will say I'm a shopaholic...... Well his right.

I love shoes they are one of my many obsessions, Stilettos are my favorite and yes you might think I'm crazy cuz I'm mad tall and I were High Heels but I love being tall for those who didn't know. I'm proud of my height, I take after my grandpa, so I love it.

I can't go anywhere without 2 things, My cellphone and my lip gloss. I can look like a bum but I have to have lip gloss. lol

I love getting my nails done it makes me feel pretty.

I would spend every day at the beach. if only I could ::cry::

I love flip flops. That's the only thing I wear during the summer. They are just plain amazin!!!
Winter comes here is to my Adidas. lol

I like eyes Why???? because I think the eyes are the windows to the soul. You can tell so much about a person just by looking into their eyes

I love chocolate any kind is fine. I am a lil picky with dark chocolate but its all good. My favorite is Ferrero Roche.

Can't live without Jewelry. I always have to get more, I love to accessorize.

BaBy PhAt is my favorite brand of clothe and shoes

I love purses and I own a lot of them. My husband its always yelling at me cuz I'm always saying that i need a new purse. But a girl can't have to many purses. haha

Sunglasses, Oh sunglasses. another obsession of mine. haha. I have a lot of them and every time I go to the mall I get at least a pair. haha (another thing that gets me in trouble with Roque) lol

Animal prints. I just adore them. Zebra is my fav I aint gonna lie but I like all of them. I like cherries, If you see my car you know is mine cuz of the cherries. haha.

I love Japanese stuff, my house is decorated with Japanese stuff (even though I'm Boricua). I would love to learn the language cuz I love the way it sounds haha. I want to visit Japan some day even if is for vacation.

Anime is my escape from the world, I could watch hours of it without getting tired

My favorite color is BLUE but everybody thinks is RED cuz I have most of my house decorated with RED stuff and my car is RED. But no its BLUE it has always been BLUE, as long as I can remember. I do like Red, Brown, Black, Pink, and Purple.

I'm a killer cook (if you dont believe me ask my Husband, Family and friends they tell you) I love making recipes my own. you will never find me following a book of recipes, yes I do look at it but I make it my own and I'm proud to say I haven't made any mistakes. It always comes out amazin. haha and no I'm not conceited but its something that I'm proud of. I been cooking since I was 7 and I have a mixture of my grandmother's and Mom's sazon and well what can I say it's just good!

I can make the best Piña Colada you have ever taste (ask Nereida and Vero They love it)

I'm addicted to Coca Cola. Roque says that if they draw out blood, they get soda instead of blood. Lol

I love Starbucks. My favorite is the Caramel Frapuccino. But I have to say I also like BK Mocha Joe (right Josh)

My favorite Alcohol drinks are a course Piña Coladas, Malibu Breeze, Hypnotic breeze, White Russian, Chocolate Martini, Strawberry Magaritas, Appletinis.

I would be happy if I could wear sweat pants everyday. haha

I'm a math geek and yes I said geek. lol I can seat for hours and work with numbers I love it. I love working on computers. I can make your computer run as good as new if you leave me with it for an hour lol.

I like Photography and Graphic Design. I been working on It for 2 years now and I can say Im pretty good at it ^_^

I'm also addicted to Vampire books, I can't get enough of them. I have read Twilight Saga, The House of Night Series (waiting for Awaken comes out January 4 ) The Night World Series, Vampire Diaries (love the brothers, Damon specially, What???? I'm attracted to Bad boys lol) Thirst. Also I have read the Harry Potter Series, and the Inheritance Cycle (well books 1 through 3 still waiting on Aren) and The Host. Yes you can say I'm a book worm cuz well, I am. lol

I'm writing a story right now call PASSION AND FORBIDDEN LOVE. And yes its about Vampires and Werewolves. lol It didn't start as that but it escalated to it. I'm currently writing chapter 6 -Hitsugaya-
and I love the way its going. I also write poems, and once in a while a song. I am a better writer in Spanish (is my first language after all) but I try my best in English. The past tense kill me.

Music is my boyfriend. I like all music. You will find me listening from Reggueton to country. My wedding song was Amazed by Lonestar, (country). Music is something that makes me feel good and alive.

I love to dance, and I would go dance everyday if I could. Well I do dance in the car. lol

and if you have anymore questions ask me.. there is no problem. lol

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